Giant Book Fiesta

Casa Machado

Date: October 15, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Location: Casa Machado in San Diego.

At the Giant Book Fiesta in San Diego you’ll get a delicious dinner and two books, signed by the authors, who will be in attendance and personalize them for you, take selfies, etc! It’ll be a hootenanny! All prices include tax. Plus you’ll be hanging out with people who like to read. Both Fran and Kevin will happily sign as many extra books as you want to bring from home but buying one book from each is part of the deal.

Here’s what you get in your ticket price of $70.50-83.50:

Dinner: $21.50 including tax and gratuity! Chicken & steak fajitas, tortillas, chips & salsa, cheese enchiladas, flautas, rice & beans, guac and sour cream, plus one soft drink. Alcohol will be a cash bar.

Book: A Plague of Giants by Kevin Hearne, $31.50

Another book: One of Fran Wilde’s novels set in the Bone Universe. Choose one! Updraft is the first in the series and has won the Andre Norton and Compton Crook Awards. Kevin loved it and thinks you will too.


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