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New York Comic Con 2012!

October 11, 2012

Finishing a novel isn’t something that happens every day; it’s even more rare that you finish it and hand it to your editor in New York less than 24 hours later. But I got to do precisely that today, and it was cool. I finished HUNTED, put it on a Darth Vader USB flash drive, flew to New York, and gave it to Tricia! That felt good. It was especially awesome though when she ripped off Darth Vader’s head to reveal the USB thingie. Somewhere, James Earl Jones cried, “Noooooo!”

I got to see both my editors today, actually. They are the brilliant people I keep thanking profusely at the end of my books. They’re so much fun to work with. Look! Here they are!

Tricia & Mike, NY’s Finest Editors

A few people have asked, so here’s the scoop: HUNTED is book six of IDC and comes out June 25 next year. That is not to be confused with TRAPPED, book five, which comes out soon—November 27. Turning in a book happens waaaay before it gets put on the shelf. I turned in TRAPPED back in March. :)

I also ran into the legendary Anton Strout, author of Alchemystic, arch nemesis of Patrick Rothfuss, and guardian of the giant new Jim Butcher cover!

I like how there’s a man in red tights kneeling on Anton’s shoulder. I also note that there is not a man in white tights on his other shoulder. He may be doomed.

Logan and Sarah are a couple o’ young up-and-coming editors at Del Rey and they TOTALLY trust me. Nobody warned them about shenanigans or anything! You can tell:


I also got to meet Tom the Intern, who was kind enough to do my Wikipedia page this summer and who flatly refused to wear the Promotional Underwear they were handing out at the Con. Those things are not related.

Promotional Underwear would be a great band name. Think of the merchandise.

So what else happened at the Con today? Well, Batdog was there, the vigilante hound! And he was giving interviews to MTV! You can’t really see it here but that dude is holding a microphone to his jaws and they were recording.

“Catwoman must be brought to JUSTICE.”

More goodies later—I’ll take some more cosplay pics over the course of the weekend and post them for you guys. If you happen to be attending the Con, here’s my schedule, hope to see you:

FRIDAY: Signing from 5-6 PM at Del Rey booth #1120
SATURDAY: Myth Mixology Panel! 12:15-1:15, room 1A08.
SATURDAY: Panel signing with all the UF authors, 1:45-2:45, autograph tables 2, 3, 4
SATURDAY: Signing from 6-7 pm at Del Rey booth #1120

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