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NYCC 2012 Day 2

October 13, 2012

Where to begin? With great freakin’ Legos, man! Check out Darth Maul:

This Lego version talks just as much as the real one did in the movie.

Turns out that a couple of the members of the Fellowship were journeying through NYCC and I had to direct Gandalf’s attention to imminent danger. Anton Strout was coming!


OH, and you’ll never guess who I ran into! It was freakin’ THOR! Comic book Thor, of course, not the real one, because I keeeeeeled him. :)

Holy crap I’m short.

I got to meet some very spiffy readers yesterday with whom I’ve Tweeted and stuff for a long time. Shecky and Rob and Kiera AND her amazing pumpkin cookies—they were all delightful. Also met awesome people at the signing—shout-out to Samantha from the UK who actually squeed. :) It was very cool to meet Sally from The Qwillery, one of my favorite book blogs. Then I got some time to wander the floor with Garrett, where we coveted all the shiny things. Our covetousness drove us a bit loony, in fact. Want proof?

Too much shiny.

I didn’t take as many cosplay pics as I would have liked, but I’m so glad I got this one because DAMN it’s a spectacular  job, and  you’re only seeing half of it here:

Queen Amidala said her costume took her months. I am not worthy. So awesome.

The turbo geek moment for me was when I discovered Geek Chic. They make custom geek furniture like wooden gaming tables and comic book storage units that “deliver a dragon punch to the balls of the white cardboard box.” If you’ve watched Wil Wheaton’s Table Top series on Geek & Sundry, these are the people who made the table he uses in that show. In fact, here it is, so you can go all spoggly:


I bought a display case for my HORDES miniatures and I’m so excited! It was cool to meet Robert and Brenda and chat with them for a bit. I think I’m going to have to add in one of the 8-Hour Chairs to my order. They’re so comfy.

My turbo fanboy moment came when I finally got to meet Nicole Peeler, whose Jane True series is one of my favorites. Great voice and an unusual heroine and she always cracks me up on Twitter. So I waited in line for her signing and then I got to take a pic with her:

Nicole is the bestest!

Also had the privilege of meeting Peter V. Brett for the first time. We’d emailed and stuff in the past but it was great to finally meet him. Looking forward to the third book in his Demon Cycle!

So after beers and whiskey late at night, my editor and I got silly and decided we should get serious with SAXON CODPIECE.

For those of you who don’t know, SAXON CODPIECE was an idea spawned at San Diego Comic Con. Me n’ all the spiffy peeps at Del Rey have had such fun goofing around with the idea of this British private eye whose name is all caps all the time that we’d really like to try putting something out there for everyone to enjoy. So, I don’t have any firm details yet and nothing is definite, but because many of you have been liking and commenting on the SAXON CODPIECE posts on Facebook, we might be able to whip something up for cheap and give everything to charity. OMG LOOKIT SOCIAL MEDIA WORKS. :) Seriously, thank you all for saying hi and stuff like that.

Off to the con now: I have a panel and a couple of signings, looking forward to it!

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