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NYCC 2012 Day 3

October 13, 2012

Biiig day. Had my panel with a distinguished group of authors. Met Faith Hunter, F. Paul Wilson, and Allison Pang for the first time, and they are all lovely people. I’m reading Faith’s first Jane Yellowrock book right now, actually, and enjoying the different voices.

First thing I saw today at the Del Rey booth was Catwoman handing out promo copies of HOUNDED while holding a lipstick-kissed cup of Starbucks. I had to sit down because it was moderately disorienting. “My life,” I said to myself, “is just a bit different now. A bit.”

Catwoman promotes my books!!! *faints*

So I’m trying to recover from the shock when oh my god here comes Dazzler! Remember Dazzler? You, uh, probably don’t. Dazzler was a Marvel character who peaked in the 80s, a mutant who could turn sound into light, and her books didn’t sell very well. Stunned to see anybody who knew that character.

Play anything turned up to 11 and she can kick your ass.

You know who’s a total BAMF? The mutant who goes BAMF! of course, Nightcrawler. Rare to find someone willing to go full blue for the costume, but this dude didn’t hold back:

Now you see him, but he can BAMF! right behind you. Careful.

As always, the bestest, most awesome bit of the day was meeting readers. And for a day full of awesome cosplay, spiffy reader Lisa visited and instantly became my favorite: she did Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica! Cigar and hexagonal dog tags and everything!

Awesome. So say we all.

So yeah. Completely awesome experience and I’m so grateful to everyone who came by to say hello. Thank you, New York! Going to fly home and start on the Star Wars book now. More news on that when I have it. :)

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