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kaibabunbound_coverartAvailable both in ebook and audio worldwide, Two Tales of the Iron Druid Chronicles contains the stories “Kaibab Unbound” and “A Test of Mettle.” The cover was illustrated by Hugo-award winning artist Galen Dara and depicts “Kaibab Unbound”—that’s Atticus in owl form there. Super cheap in ebook—only 0.99 and available for:

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The audiobook is narrated by Luke Daniels and you can find it here at Audible. In fact, would you like to hear a sample o’ that for free? Get clicky on the Soundcloud thingie here and it will stream for you.

The Chapel_cover art FINAL COVER DESIGNI wrote a story for the Unfettered anthology and it turned out to be an origin story of sorts for Atticus. A blend of history, myth, and legend—specifically the legends surrounding the quest for the Holy Grail—”The Chapel Perilous” takes you back to sixth century Wales, before Atticus became the Iron Druid. This story is now available in the US & Canada for cheap (0.99 or its equivalent) all by itself—and in most of the rest of the world too—but in the UK & Australia the rights are owned by Orbit, so you can only get it as part of the Unfettered anthology. (It’s a great anthology, well worth it!)

Tough to know where to place this story in the chronology of the series because it’s a frame story. The bulk of it is Atticus recounting his shenanigans back in the Dark Ages, but he’s telling it all to Granuaile and Oberon in between the books TRICKED and TRAPPED. I will let you decide where it deserves to be placed in the series. Fun for you and no stress for me!

OK, convenient links to the short story:

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“The Demon Barker of Wheat Street” is part of the CARNIEPUNK anthology and it takes place a couple of weeks after the events of TWO RAVENS AND ONE CROW. CARNIEPUNK is now available wherever you buy your books.

But, if you’d like to buy it singly for only ninety-nine cents, you can!

Here are the links for “The Demon Barker of Wheat Street”:

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