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Spiffy store additions

February 29, 2016

Haven’t updated the store in a while, but I now have TWO whole new thingies in there!

Staked Cover low rezFirst new thing is the signed hardcover of Staked. If you couldn’t catch me on tour and would like a signed copy, I’m now able to get one out to you (in the U.S only). You may of course just buy it alone for cover price ($27), but I want to offer you a spiffy package deal in case it appeals:
Buy Staked and the hardcover of Shattered and use the coupon code WOOHOO and that will change the grand total from $53 to $35—an $18 break—PLUS I will throw in a free download code for the audiobook of “Two Tales of the Iron Druid Chronicles,” a $6.95 value! The download code will be emailed to the address you provide in the checkout field.

Already have Shattered and “Two Tales”? Well, they can make great gifts—especially the audiobook download! But if you’d like one of my signed paperbacks instead of the Shattered hardcover we can make that happen. Follow the same procedure because the coupon code is keyed to the Shattered hardcover, but when you get to the Special Instructions field in the checkout process, just ask for a signed copy of Hounded or Trapped or whichever one of my paperbacks you’d like to substitute for Shattered.

Short version: Staked + Shattered + “Two Tales” Audiobook =$35 (plus S&H) with the coupon code WOOHOO.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4.15.01 PMSecond new thing: A wonderful illustration of Oberon that’s perfect for coloring! A watermarked sample can be seen at left. You can download the clean copy, sized 8 1/2 x 11, for 0.99 and print as many copies as you want at home. You and/or your kids can have him say stuff about bacon and poodles. Plaster your fridge with him!

This illustration was drawn by artist MaryElizabeth Mono who is turbo spiffy. All proceeds go to her because artists gotta eat.

And that’s it! Thank you again for reading, y’all. Peace & sausages!

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