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Trying a new look

December 5, 2012

Since a few people here and there have said unto me, “Verily, I can’t read your frickin’ blog, laddie,” I have redesigned it a bit—or rather, I should say I had some talented people redesign it for me. The primary goal was to improve readability so that you’re not dealing with white text on black background, and the secondary goal was to keep it lookin’ kinda Druidic. Hope you dig it.

Thanks to Emily and Adam Beu at Two Birds Creative in San Francisco for all the spiffiness. Emily is a former student of mine and I’m so proud of her. :)

While I was at it I switched up my Twitter avatar as well. It seemed like a good time to allow Atticus to rest for a while and let everyone enjoy a nice otter.

In case you missed the news, huge congratulations are in order for Luke Daniels, the kickass narrator of the Iron Druid audiobooks, for winning Audible’s Narrator of the Year! I have always been amazed by Luke’s ability to give all those characters their own voice, and it’s awesome to see him get the recognition he deserves!

Many thanks to those of you who have already read (or listened to) TRAPPED in the past week. Some of you read so fast that you’re already asking about the next book, and unfortunately I can’t write as quickly as you read. To answer that question, the next book, HUNTED, comes out June 25, 2013. But you’ll most likely have a couple of Iron Druid goodies to read before that to tide you over. In case you’re interested, read on…

“The Chapel Perilous,” a short story set in sixth century Wales, takes you back to a time before Atticus was the Iron Druid and was ready to take on almost any duty if it would hide him from Aenghus Óg. That will appear in May in an anthology called UNFETTERED, which boasts a stunning lineup of authors including Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, Terry Brooks, and many more. Do go check it out—it’s not only full of great stories, but the proceeds go to a good cause.

I have another novella coming out in the spring as well, though I don’t have a publication date yet. It’s called THE GRIMOIRE OF THE LAMB, and it takes Atticus and Oberon to Egypt, where they run afoul of a priest of Sobek, the crocodile god. It’s set four years before HOUNDED so there’s no Granuaile, but the Widow MacDonagh makes a cameo appearance. This will be digital only like TWO RAVENS AND ONE CROW, but there will be an audio version of it too. I’ll give you the publication date and the US cover when I can, but for now, I’ll leave you with the UK cover:

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