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kevinsmallphotoWanna say hi to Kevin? Social media links are at the bottom of the page (where it says “I get around”). He’s most active on Mastodon and Instagram these days. You can email using kevin (at thingie) kevinhearne dot com for personal stuff, info (at thingie) kevinhearne dot com for professional things like interviews or review copies or appearances.

Kevin hugs the hell out of trees and loves doggies and pretending that he knows stuff about hockey. He is also fond of comic books, tacos, fresh air, clean energy, and friendly people. He’s been told that his handwriting is really quite lovely.

Oh, also? If you sign up for Kevin’s newsletter, it’ll show up in your inbox around the middle of each month and let you know what he’s reading, where he’ll be, what’s coming next, and Oberon will talk about meat and whatever else is on his mind!




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