Colorado Book & Beer Tour!

OK, I’ve put this together super-duper fast—parts of it are still up in the air (and maybe you can help with that) and I sure hope more than two people show up—but here you go: I’m going to drive through Colorado because I want to. For a guy who likes beer, it’s a good place to visit. There are lots of trees there and I haven’t hugged them since 2007; I miss them. I’m also hoping to either meet or acquire some new Atticus O’Sullivan fans while I’m at it. Here’s a map of my route, starting down at the bit near Arizona:

Times and places I’m attempting to sign books:
June 5, Durango

Maria’s Books downtown — drive-by signing
Waldenbooks at the Durango Mall — drive-by for sure, possibility of an actual signing (still in the works)

June 6, Ouray

Not sure if Buckskin Books in Ouray will have any copies of Hounded, but if they do, by golly, I’m going to sign ‘em!

June 7, small towns plus Colorado Springs

I will do drive-by signings at any bookstore in Ridgway, Montrose, or Gunnison you tell me to visit! This is the release day for Hexed, so I’ll be all excited n’ stuff.
Colorado Springs — Borders at 2120 Southgate Road, 3-4 pm, bring all your homies for the release of HEXED! Call ‘em ahead of time at (719) 632-6611 if you’d like to reserve a copy!

June 8, Denver

HUGE thanks to Nina at Who Else! Books in Denver for putting together something for me on short notice! Can’t remember the last time I talked to someone so nice on the phone. I’ll be there at 7:30 pm signing both Hounded and Hexed, and I hope to see lots o’ folks there!

June 9, Fort Collins

Old Firehouse Books, 6 pm Great people here helping me out on short notice too! They’ll have both Hounded and Hexed in stock!

Places I will attempt to drink beer and blog about it:

Durango: Carver Brewing Co.
Ouray: Ouray Brewery
Gunnison: Gunnsion Brewery
Colorado Springs: Bristol Brewing Company. I’ve been to Phantom Canyon a couple of times in the past, so I wanted to try something new this time.
Denver: Great Divide Brewing Company and probably some other places. Mario Acevedo from The League of Reluctant Adults will be with me. Could be a legendary night.
Fort Collins: New Belgium. Duh! :) I won’t get to take the tour—it’s already booked full—but I intend to make the pilgrimage anyway.

So—if you are in any of these places on my route, I really hope you can come see me (or help me arrange a place to be seen)! If you aren’t on my route but know someone who is, please coerce them to come see me and get a book signed for you! And if you don’t live in Colorado and don’t know anybody who does, then I hope you’ll still visit my blog during the tour for pictures of books and beer! If there are any additional places I should visit—for either the book or the beer part of the tour—please let me know! Looking forward to this so much!


8 Responses to “Colorado Book & Beer Tour!”

  1. Kevin Pech says:

    On your way through Denver…. one of the better beer stops (if you have the time) would be Rock Bottom Brewery. We have a few of them around.
    As a fellow Beer snob-nut-fanatic I like them alot. Good brews and a solid foundation of types that cover most all pallets.

    Otherwise, I cannot wait to greet you and shake your hand on the 8th.

    Kevin Pech

  2. Ella Gray says:

    That’s quite a trip you have planned, LOL. I used to live near Colorado Springs and have been to Bristol many times. It’s a small place, but they are really great and dog-friendly :-) Have a Laughing Lab for the rest of us!

  3. Kevin says:

    Rock Bottom—I’ve tried it, it’s not bad at all!
    Ella—Laughing Lab it is!

  4. In Durango I highly recommend Steamworks Brewing. In Colorado Springs I really recommend Trinity Brewing, although really Bristol is definitely a great choice as well. If you have time for both, I’d do it. In Fort Collins, if you have time, check out Funkwerks Brewery.

  5. Kevin says:

    Focus on the Beer: Thank you!

  6. Vickie B says:

    Fort Collins has New Belium (Fat Tire…yum!), Longmont has Left Hand, Boulder, well Boulder should always bee experienced. Used to have Walnut Street Brewery….all have fab breweries and bookstores. Very cool of Nina to have you at her store. It’s a neat place. You and Mario will tear it up I know at Great Divide. I’ll have to phone my book order in, I have to work a mid shift that night….sigh…..

  7. David R says:

    There is a new(er) brewery in Fort Collins with the name Equinox Brewing. cinniúint? Odell Brewing in Fort Collins had three of the six beers of a mixed six pack of the best beers of Colorado (also included in the six pack were beers from Avery Brewing of Boulder, Oskar Blues and Left Hand Brewing both of Longmont).
    I am hoping to be able to make it out to an appearance. Have a safe trip and some exceptional beers.

  8. Jenna says:

    I have to second the previous poster’s recommendation about Equinox Brewing. They started as a home brew shop and then opened up their pub type place next door. I think they have the best beer in town. If you’re going to be enjoying New Belgium you have to stop O’dell Brewing (they were actually around before New Belgium and even helped New Belgium get their start) and Fort Collin’s Brewing. They are all worth your time and all within a mile of each other. One other piece of advise: beware New Belgium on the weekends!! The samples there are free and Fort Collins is a college town. Free beer + college students… Well you can do the math. The other places charge $5 or something small like that for a sample tray so you can actually sit at those places. Enjoy your trip Colorado is awesome! I was hoping to make it to your book signing but it looks like my kids have other plans for me. I’m loving Hounded, I haven’t hardly put it down.