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thanks and giving

November 23, 2017

It’s time for both thanks and giving. So, addressing those in order:

Thanks for being kind and loving doggies and caring about the planet and each other. I see you doing that and it’s important and I’m grateful to you.

Thanks for reading and for telling your friends about my books. All of them, of course, but turbo thanks to those who have been reading A Plague of Giants and saying nice things, because starting a new series is always a fragile, uncertain enterprise. It was wonderful to see folks on tour—if you came to see me, thank you so much! And leaving a review on Amazon, believe it or not, is super helpful—true for all books and all authors. (Algorithms kick in when you get certain numbers of reviews, making your book more visible.) So thanks.

Thanks to those who have preordered The Squirrel on the Train and/or the hardcover edition of Hounded (pictured here). Squirrel will be out on Nov. 30 and I hope you enjoy! If you’ve somehow missed the announcement, book 9 of the Iron Druid Chronicles, Scourged, will be out April 3, and you can preorder that now from any indie, online, or chain store you like.

But let’s get to the giving, shall we? I donate books every year to Worldbuilders, a charity that benefits Heifer International in a specific way: It collects signed books and other goodies like games and fantasy-based jewelry such, lets folks buy the equivalent of a raffle ticket for $10 each, and then pretty much everybody wins. (Right now as I write this there are 1,734 supporters for 3,768 prizes, so, yeah, your odds of winning are GREAT.) You win signed books and rare stuff, and Heifer International gets the money to help hungry folks around the world eat in a sustainable manner. They give families chickens or goats (or something that will work where they live) and then they’re able to eat and sell the eggs or goat milk or whatever. Their annual drive is going on right now, so if you have the means, maybe send them a Hamilton? Also, you can get signed books from me (and other stuff) from The Tinker’s Packs and that money goes to Worldbuilders (and thus Heifer International) as well.

Thanks for giving. Love and doggies, peace and tacos and whiskey to you and your family.

I’m gonna disappear from the Internet for a while now; I tend to just hunker down through the winter and the time away is good for my mental health. I’m working on two books right now: A Blight of Blackwings, the sequel to A Plague of Giants, and No Country for Old Gnomes, the sequel to Kill the Farm Boy, which I’m co-authoring with Delilah S. Dawson. We should have cover art for you soon on that and I might pop in briefly to say HEY LOOKIT THIS and then disappear again.

I’ll be back in the new year, and I have two comic cons on the west coast I’ll be attending if you want to come say hi: Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, and WonderCon in Anaheim, both in March!

Yours in caffeinated joy,

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